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Local On-Site Identification

Are you in a bind? Not sure what you’re looking at? You’ve come to the right place! At RG Industries our staff is both knowledgeable and experienced, which is something we are excited to share with you. RG Industries also offers Local On-Site Identification. We know that while many things are standard within the industry, every so often there are some questions that still need answering. With over 35 years of experience, we have trained experts who are here to answer these questions.

In the field it is not uncommon to come across some equipment that is out dated, or out of production. Faded labels or broken/damaged parts are just some of the effects of age, which can hinder your ability to properly identify products. With RG Industries’ On-Site Identification, those issues can be alleviated, and when your shutdown happens, you can be assured and confident that you have the proper equipment the first time. Simply call one of our salesmen to set up a day (please give at least one day’s advanced notice, if possible, so that our staff can properly prepare) and we will be happy to come out and look at your product and get you on the right track.

Not local? With the ever growing change of technology, that’s not a problem either; simply email or text us a picture. Whether it’s from a digital camera or a simple snapshot from a cell phone, this will save you and your customer valuable time. Email or text any one of our sales representatives and they will work with you quickly and diligently to solve your electrical product needs and get your power back on.