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    At RG Industries , a leading electrical products company worldwide, we pride ourselves in the service our customers have come to expect for over 30 years. With a comprehensive inventory of products in our 50,000 square foot facility and our knowledgeable customer service representatives, we intend to become your first choice for industrial and commercial electrical products.

    We carry all major brands of circuit breakers from Cutler Hammer, General Electric, Square D, and Siemens. Having expanded our product lines; we now offer breaker accessories, motor controls, buckets (feeder/combination), starters, switches, molded case circuit breakers, transformers, safety switches, fusible panel board switches, Air Circuit Breakers, buss duct plugs, switch boards/ panel boards, and mounting hardware kits. Whether you require new, re-qualified, inspected and tested or out of production products, RG Industries most likely has what you need in stock, and can be ready for shipment today!

    img breakeracc rev

      • Shunt Trips
      • Bell Alarms
      • Auxiliary Switches
      • Undervoltage Releases
      • and much more
    img motorcontrols rev

    • Complete Motor Control Centers
    • Combination Buckets up to Size 6
    • Feeder Buckets up to 1,200 AMJ
    • Contactors to Size 7
    • Starters to Size 7
    • Contact kits to Size 7
    • Motor Circuit Protectors (MCP's)

    • Westinghouse/Cutler Hammer
    • ITE/Siemens
    • General Electric

    There are many other types of mounting hardware kits available, so if you don't see the number you need, please inquire.

    • General Electric
    • Zinsco, Sylvania Challeger
    • Westinghouse/Cutler Hammer
    • F.P.E./American
    • ITE/Siemens
    • Square-D

    There are many other types of Fusible Panel Board Switches available, so if you don't see the type you need, please inquire.

    • KVA 3 to 5,000
    • Single Phase/Three Phases
    • Most Voltages
    • New or Used / Reconditioned
    • NEMA1 NEMA3R
    • Temp Power
    • Oil & Dry Type

    • Fusible Types
    • Breaker Types
    • All Amperages & Voltages Available (please call with specifications)
    • Westinghouse: I-TAP ~ IBPFD P3F P3B
    • General Electric: FVK ~ SB AC SL FVK ARMOR-CLAD
    • Siemens: BOS ~ XL-U
    • Square-D: PQ ~ PF ~ PK

    • New
    • Used / Tested & Requalified
    • Current Models
    • Out of Production Models

    If you're not sure what you need, give us a call and a real person with answer the phone not a machine.  Our knowledgeable staff has decades of experience with electrical systems.  They'll be able to answer your questions quickly and efficiently and get you what you need, when you need it!
    Get the best electrical minds in the circuit breaker
    and electrical protection product industry on your team.