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A True Fish Story

Everybody has heard ‘fish stories’? about the one that got away. Here, for a change, is a fish story that’s absolutely true: They all got away!

The occasion was RG Industries’ 19th Annual Customer Appreciation Fishing Trip. The guests arrived at the dock by 9 PM and the boat left San Diego at 10. Aboard were the captain, a crew of three, and 29 excited guys, more than ready for a great time.

Though the galley is normally closed at that hour, the universal camaraderie infected? Mark (the cook), who decided that the guys were obviously worthy of his famous burgers, and proceeded to make them.

At dawn, about 65 miles southwest of San Diego, off the coast of Baja California, the first line went out. The weather was gorgeous, the water was as smooth as glass, and the blue fin tuna started hitting furiously. The fishing was so good, the boat didn’t leave the spot till 9:15 AM. They paddy hopped for a while, then found a nice boil and landed 23 more fish right there. The game fishing continued at other locations until 3:30 PM, when the lines were brought up and the boat headed back. Most of the guys were exhausted from the battles with the fish, each fight averaging 20–45 minutes.

On their way in, the guests were served a nice steak dinner, and the boat docked at 8 PM.

The total haul was 17 Bluefin Tuna, 30 Yellowtail and 2 Dorado. The jackpot went to Rusty, with a yellowtail weighing in at 40 lb.
Not bad at all — especially since the jackpot totaled out to $600.

But the most rewarding outcome was that a bunch of hard-working RG Industries customers all got away for a day of relaxation, good cheer and congenial company…but the fish did not get away at all!

So much for our 19th Annual event. Next year, of course, will be the biggie: RG Industries’ 20th Annual Customer Appreciation Fishing Trip. We’re planning to up the ante a bit — maybe by making it a one-and-a-half day trip to an area that promises even better fishing; maybe some other “upgrade”? (suggestions, anybody?). But whatever we finally decide on, we’re determined to make it more special than ever. That means we’ll probably have more customers than ever who want to join the fun. Since capacity will necessarily be limited, the way to maximize your chance of being invited aboard is to look for a two-word clue hidden in the name of the trip: RG Industries’ 20th Annual Good Customer Appreciation Fishing Trip.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the next fishing trip, please contact your RG Industries salesman.