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RG Industries is located at:
9740 Jordan Cir.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Local phone number:
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Fax Number:
(562) 944-4000
(800) 942-7561
(562) 944-4200

Store hours: 6am to 5pm PST.
After hours: RG Industries is on call 24/7 please see emergency services page for more information or call the number above.

To contact individually:


Anabel Clayman (Se Habla Espanol): Accounts Receivable/Administrative Support

Jessica Marcum: Accounts Receivable/Administrative Support

Joette BeltranAccounts Payable/Administrative Support

Veronika GaminoHuman Resources/Marketing

Sales/Technical Support:

Leo Renteria (Se Habla Espanol): Sales/Technical Support/Operations

Joe Torres (Se Habla Espanol): Sales/Technical Support

Ron Gamino: Sales/Technical Support

Tony Leone: Sales/Technical Support

Outside Sales:

Jay Laessig: Outside Sales

Shipping & Receiving:

Mario Garcia: Shipping & Receiving

Inventory/Warehouse Operations:

Thomas Martin: Inventory/Warehouse Operations

Matt Herrera: Inventory


Ron Gamino: Sales/Purchasing

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